Black Moon Gin

Black Moon Gin

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The Black Moon.  It's storied history linked to the dark nights - and dark days - of the prohibition era.  Also called the "Smuggler's Moon", it's undercover light is bright enough to see, but not bright enough to be seen.

Legend has it...backwoods distillers of BC would covertly work under the moon, and through the night, to concoct their handmade gin using mountain juniper and other nearby herbs and botanicals.  One dark evening, a branch of wild rosemary smouldering from the fires of the still found its way into the accidental incident with legendary results.

Locals named the flavoured elixir Black Moon Gin...its distinct character became sought after at speakeasies throughout the central interior and western pacific coastline.  Made in the spirit of lovers of the backwoods everywhere...get out there!

Handcrafted from juniper, charred rosemary, wild sage and a secret blend of botanicals, this uncommon modern gin is inspired by life the the backwoods.  Distinctly smokey, rich and delicious, we like it in a gimlet or on the rocks with a twist of lime.