Blasted Brew Spiked Coffee Liqueur

Blasted Brew Spiked Coffee Liqueur


Cold brewed with locally roasted organic beans from our friends at Backyard Beans in Summerland, BC.  Blasted Brew delivers a bold, smooth coffee flavour, with raw cocoa nibs and fresh vanilla bean.  375 ml - 24% Alc./Vol.

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Legend has it, blasting through rock to build the Kettle Valley Railway was dangerous work, especially during winter, when the explosives would get a little frosty.  When workers slept in late, they'd have to make up for lost time by defrosting the dynamite in a roasting pan over an open campfire.  You can probably guess how the story ends...let's just say their railroad careers were a 'flash in the pan'.

Don't fall asleep on the job, keep your eyes wide open with a sip or two of our spiked cold coffee brew.