Harvest Moon Gin

Harvest Moon Gin


Handcrafted from juniper, Naramata grown fruits and a secret blend of botanicals, this luscious gin is inspired by the bounty that is the Okanagan. All the things you love about gin are in here, along with a rich fruit flavour. Sip it straight up over ice, or liven up the classic Kir Royal with Harvest Moon and your favourite bubble.

28% alc./vol. 500 ml

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Many moons ago, legend has it Britain was involved in a good old-fashioned Gin craze. The country had recently passed laws, hereby transforming common land into individual farmsteads. Hedgerows were brought in to divide these spaces - hence singling the wonderful, yet unexpected arrival of autumn crops. More specifically, an abundance of fruit, growing plump under the Harvest Moon. Though notoriously tart, it soon became deliciously clear that the best way to Britain to take full advantage of the newly-grown fruits, was to steep them in alcohol. Who could disagree with that logic?

This brilliant blend is Naramata’s legendary take on Britain’s most fruitful period. Cheers mate!