Manitou Orange & Sumac Liqueur

Manitou Orange & Sumac Liqueur


An all natural organic orange liqueur with miles of orange flavour and a finish of tart sumac berries, wild foraged in Naramata, BC.  375 ml - 30% Alc./Vol.

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Legend has it, the Village of Naramata was christened during a seance.  The story goes that the postmaster's wife was entered by the spirit of a great Sioux Indian Chief who spoke of his wife, Nar-ra-mat-tah.  Mr. Robinson was so struck by the experience, he dropped a few letters and named his new village...Naramata.  A magical place named from the 'spirit world'.

we believe the "smile of manitou' shines brightest right here in Naramata.  Enjoy with friends...poured over ice, in a negroni or as a stellar addition it to your favourite hot toddy or coffee drink.