modern amaro:  A locally produced hark back to the original French Amer Picon and other fine amari produced in small towns across Italy...this is our amaro.  Upfront orange zest, mildly bitter on the palate, earthy and vanilla undertones.  

500 ml - 30% Alc./Vol.

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Legend has it...herbal elixirs were made by Monks and Medicine Men alike to ward off plague, evil spirits and as a potential cure-all for anything from snake bites to stomach ailments.  Traditionally, herbal liqueurs have been enjoyed as a digestif, after a meal.  In Italy, amaro (Italian for 'bitter') has been made in almost every small town, crafted using herbs and botanicals that reflect their environment.  Handmade in Naramata, this is our Amaro.

We recommend the joyous consumption of this fine bitter-sweet modern Amaro anytime, in good company or solo.  Go Naramata-style:  pour Naramaro, raise your glass and proudly proclaim..."a rattlesnake that doesn't bite, teaches you nothing."