Shadow in the Lake Vodka

Shadow in the Lake Vodka


Silky, smooth and full-bodied, our unfiltered vodka boasts subtle notes of vanilla and caramel.  Sip neat straight out of the freezer, or in your next martini or vodka cocktail.  750ml - 40% Alc./Vol.

Our price includes all applicable Federal and Provincial Taxes, Enviro Fees and Bottle Deposit.

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Legend has it something lies beneath.  What?  More like who:  Ogopogo.  With the body of a giant snake and the head of a bearded goat, he's surprisingly stealth.  Maybe you've seen his shadow flashing just below the surface of Okanagan Lake.  Or maybe your eyes were playing tricks on you.  You never know for sure.

Ogopogo hunts for sport - swimmers, boaters, sunny day floaters - so don't go in the water.  Sit on the shore and ship this handcrafted vodka instead.