Silver Moon Gin

Silver Moon Gin


Crafted by hand, using wild sage, juniper and a secret blend of botanicals, this gin is inspired by the indigenous silvery sage it is named from, wild foraged in Naramata and picked fresh just before distillation. Botanical forward with a fresh, herbal finish. Try Silver Moon with your favourite tonic or simply a splash of soda & lime.

40% alc./vol. 500 ml

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Legend has it, wild sage was heralded and celebrated for its irresistible qualities and profound lure - especially when tastefully combined in old wives’ gin recipes.

Touted as a natural aphrodisiac, sage would live up to its wild monicker through songs, plays, movies, and apparently, gin labels. Lyrics, to the time-honoured By the Light of the Silvery Moon would gently serenade “your silvery beams will bring love dreams, we’ll be cuddling soon” and that “I wanna spoon, to my honey I’ll croon love’s tune”.

This sensual prose transformed its most libidinous characters; making them as tempting as this seductively sippable gin.